Friday, November 11, 2011

Puking in the Tub

I thought I was going to die yesterday.  Don't get too alarmed.  I think that I am going to die whenever I have a migraine.  I was SO sick yesterday.  And man oh man.  Does it suck to be sick when you are alone with a baby to take care of.  

My Happy Place
As I tried to stay as motionless as possible in bed going to my happy place...trying to stave off nausea, spinning room and head pain, I thought about how migraines compared to labor pains.  Hmmmm.  Actually, it only took this long.  Hmm.  Give me labor.  I hate having migraines.  I hate feeling nauseated.   And at least you're in labor for a reason.  An amazing, wonderful reason.  Migraines just suck.

But my Baby Girl was Awesome!  She lay in her crib perfectly content as long as I reached over every few minutes to wind up her mobile.  She didn't fuss when I ran to the bathroom to puke and she didn't get disgusted at all when I puked with her in my arms.

I know if she could have she would have gotten me water and an ice pack for my head.

Then she was an absolute angel and napped with Mama until Daddy got home.

Lucky me.  I choose labor.

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