Monday, November 14, 2011

In Anticipation of a Reunion II or Tobi's Newest Love

Typical Ali.

Just when we had given up on her.  Just when I was beginning to wonder if we should begin to contact someone to start looking.  Just as we were going out to get some pizza... we walked out of our front door and right into Ali.  Of course.  Totally unpredictable, but reliable all at the same time!

Ali looks great.  She just came from a week of harvesting olives up in Northern Italy.  Hard work.  She went truffle hunting too.

She found some.  They are in my fridge.  Dinner tonight.

We let her in to drop off her backpack and she joined us as we went to get pizza, regaling us with the story of how she has learned never to put change in anything but an espresso machine in Italy.  She told us how the pay phone ate through six euros while she was trying to call us to tell us she would be late.  She told us how she found everyone from Florence very rude and unhelpful, but she loved the Neapolitans.  They helped her find us.  (Good for them!)

We had our pizza and then snuggled on the couch for the first in what will be a long series of catch up talk.  

I brought out a notebook that I had found that had a long letter that she had written me from Boulder.  We read it and laughed and laughed!  But it was kind of sad too.  A window into our former lives, our younger more innocent selves.  It is cliched but it is true.

We marveled at how last summer was our 10th High School Reunion.  It is happening the day after Thanksgiving in New Paltz.  I sorry I can't go.  We talked and talked.

Ali is planning a trip on horseback from Boulder to Argentina collecting love stories for a book.  She wants to go to Spain on this trip to learn Spanish.  I will write some emails soon to see what I can arrange for her there.

Baby Girl was put to bed.  Jack went to bed and finally,

I went to bed beaming.  She in still sleeping in the next room.  So is Baby Girl.  My heart might burst!

I was nervous about her coming.  I was worried that I might feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with my life right now.  That I might feel like I stopped the adventuring too early when I had a baby.

I don't feel like that at all. I LOVE my life.  I love my husband.  My husband who I know was so happy to see me so happy last night.  My little precious baby.   I am proud of my house.  I am proud that I can offer her a hot shower, clean fresh-smelling, soft sheets to sleep on---in her own room no less!  I am proud to talk to her while I nurse my baby whose name is an homage to my two best friends ever...Ali May and Alison.  My dearest Alis.    

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