Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pouring in Lucrino

I am writing in the midst of a torrential rain storm.  Thunder, lightening and cascading rapids flowing down the street outside my door. I can't see the ocean and it is just across the street.  
The ocean is just beyond the low building.
I LOVE RAINSTORMS!!! It is the same feeling as a good blizzard.  I love being safe and warm inside while the weather gods have their day.  It is a good excuse to cozy up inside and not do anything, like fold sheets or diapers. I am writing this instead of folding sheets.  I can see how blogging might affect how clean my house gets.  But there are always more sheets to fold and another floor that could be vacuumed.
Jack got up this morning with Baby and headed to the gym.  At work he is entitled to two hours a day at the gym, but he rarely gets to take it.  For some reason the small amount of work that they actually do at his shop always ends up on his desk.  Therefore, gym time eats into family time.  What with him getting his schoolwork done and getting to the gym on the weekends...we don't really get to spend a lot of time together.
I don't like that, duh, because I love my husband. He is my best friend and favorite person to hang out with.  We don't get to hang out that much any more.  Maybe now that Baby Bee is taking a bottle we can begin to institute date night.  I would like to see him more.  I think that he is desperate for alone time when he gets back from work.  I am desperate for some alone time when Baby is finally in bed for the night.  Instead of spending time interacting, we sit in the same room and I knit or write and he reads the news on the internet or catches up on football(soccer for the Americans).
It is incredible how much having a baby affects everything.  I understand what people say about waiting a little after marriage.  I mean... Baby has brought us so close, closer than we have ever been.  She requires us to be on the same page and really support each other, but at the same time she can be a wedge that pries us apart.  Figuratively and literally.  She often spends a good part of the night sleeping between us.
We are supposed to meet friends of ours out for lunch.  But I balk at bringing Baby Bee out in such awful weather.  Driving in Naples is treacherous enough without adding flooding streets due to garbage clogged storm drains (I am assuming they have storm drains), low visibility and wet roads.  Maybe we will make our excuses and spend some time together instead.

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