Thursday, March 29, 2012

Itinerant AGAIN

 I have been buried under all of our worldly goods.  Thankfully, my Mama came to save the day.  She seems to show up at exactly the right time to help me move, no matter where I am in the world.  Here is an email she sent home last week.  

wide awake on Friday and ready to boogie


a big event: painting handicap lines on the street, lots of kibbitzers

She just loves her organic maple teething biscuits.

Better water in Lucrino makes for curly hair

Jessica and Connor at the Breezy Bar in Lucrino


Abi's room

Where I sleep (in Abi's room) note hot water bottle

Jack's study

master bedroom

Abi's place, probably temporary

The small bathroom with stall shower

big bathroom with tub on the right, sideways

what the living room looks like today, Monday

the kitchen: these are sideways because I couldn't see the screen when I was sitting outside

the kitchen side of the living room

the living room

the living room viewed from the entry

Anna is happy to have a pantry.

the entry way

laundry room

hall with Jack's study on the left, master bedroom on the right

I'm showing you the before unpacking scene so when Julietta and Anna and I attack the chaos, you'll know where we started.  Right now we're happy to have Julietta here to bring fresh energy and her good eye to the situation.  

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  1. Catching up on several of your recent posts. For some reason the pics on this one aren't appearing on my screen.

    How is Abi adjusting to your new home? Are any of you getting any sleep? Best wishes for a fabulous visit with Julietta and a peaceful new home.