Friday, November 4, 2011

A Cup of Tea

Every morning I make a cup of tea.  I love tea and I love the ritual of making it.  My morning routine begins with juggling my daughter in one arm while I make my tea with the other.  There it sits, too hot to drink on the table so off I go to do something as it cools.  Inevitably, I end up drinking cold tea.  It happened again this morning.
I sat down to check my email as I nursed Baby Bee.  That led me to begin searching out other military wife/mom blogs. By the time Baby Girl fell asleep in my arms and I put her down, my tea was cold.  Now I am drinking microwaved tea.  Not ideal, but it happens.  
When we found out that we were moving to Naples, I envisioned mornings out and about with my daughter (I was almost 8 months pregnant when we arrived) in the stroller.  We would go to the cafe, where everyone would greet us and the barrista would serve up my "usual" with a smile.  I would sit and read or journal while Baby slept.  Then we would say our 'arrevidercis' and I would go to the fruit stand, butcher, grocer and buy food for dinner.  Basically, it was my morning routine from my years in Spain transposed on Italy plus Baby.  Not bad.  Do I do it?  No.  I make myself tea and get distracted as it gets cold.  
Actually, sitting down to write this forces me to think why we don't go out on our enviable European jaunt.  Hmmm.  I wonder if there are any good reasons at all?
1. We do a food shop at the Commissary each week because it is generally cheaper.
2. Baby Girl is the result of attachment parenting and doesn't really like her stroller (more on that in another post).  She ends up in the Baby Bjorn or Maya Wrap and I end up pushing an empty stroller as passersby give me looks.  I don't yet have an interpretation for the kind of looks they give me, but they are looks.
3. If I do go out it means I have to get out of my comfy-cozies and actually pour, stuff, wrassle my post-partum body into something that resembles an outfit. I currently have only three pairs of pants that fit, well four but those are maternity jeans and who wants to wear maternity jeans 3 months post partum.  
4. I don't actually like coffee.  I like tea.
5. The typical cornetto (croissant) breakfast is not going to help remedy reason #3.
6. I am LAZY! I am a homebody.  

Nope.  No good reasons.  I will make a commitment here to getting off my tush and going to the cafe at least one morning next week.  I will start with small feasible goals.  


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  2. Did I tell you this already? That when I had my babies the only thing I wanted more than sleep was a HOT cup of tea?!? Every day while I was nursing my newborn, my husband would bring me a steaming cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. And I never, ever, EVER got to drink it while it was still hot (in those days we didn't have microwaves), for the same reason all new mothers never get anything they want anymore. Maybe you need to make a tea cozy? (Like you have the time...)

  3. Yeah, well thank G-d for microwaves. Maybe if we can get her on a bottle...I could steal one hot cup on a Saturday morning.