Monday, February 6, 2012

Tobi vs. Feral Dogs

We took Tobi to Carney Park for his weekly jaunt in the dog park.

Ironic that after his attack on Zoe the Beagle last week karma decided to deal him a blow.

As we pulled up to the dog park parking spot we saw five LARGE dogs all snoozing in the field around the park.  After a quick glance around for their people.  We quickly surmised that this was a pack of feral dogs.  I was nervous but Jack boldly went ahead.  I stayed in the car with a (finally) sleeping Abigail plotting how I would grab the broken log that was conveniently laying nearby and valiantly defend my husband and dog against them.

Three of them followed Tobi and Jack barking at their heels the entire way to the fenced-in dog park.  The fourth and biggest growled at them from about ten feet away.  Scary!

They watch Tobi as he played and then sauntered off.  Jack and Tobi made a bee line for the car.

We reported that there were prowling to the guard at the gate.  Hopefully they moved on before anyone (them or someone else) got hurt.

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