Thursday, February 23, 2012

Compulsion or Highly Developed Sense of Aesthetic?

My Tita's Cabinet.  
 I tease my aunt and my mother that I can determine their stress level by looking into their kitchen cabinets. If mother and aunt are feeling particularly stressed, their Fiestaware will be arranged in some specific manner.  They mostly lean toward color blocking or separating into warm and cool colors.  The effect?  Beautiful.  Pleasing.  Soothing.

I consciously coordinate the color of Abigail's baby spoon with whatever food she is sampling.  Sweet peas, purple spoon.  Sweet potato, turquoise spoon.  The effect when feeding baby? Beautiful...maybe that's a stretch. Pleasing--yes. Soothing. Definitely.

My question:  Is this a compulsion or just a highly developed sense of aesthetic?  I know what I think. What things do you do that could fall under this category?  Is it compulsion or just a highly developed sense of aesthetic?


  1. I too suffer this "compulsion" however I like to consider it an asset, as it makes every experience a little more enjoyable. Feeding the baby with a purple spoon makes you smile and doesn't hinder or harm anyone/thing. I say go for it!! Also a compulsion is something that you aren't able to compromise over. if all you had was the tackiest spoon out there, would you be upset? I would rather take the time to go to Chinatown and buy a rice cooker than to my local Target. It's all about what kind of experience you want to have right? This is all coming from a similar girl to you (it sounds) who likes to "plate" all of her dinners. : )

  2. Obviously it's HDSA! Nothing wrong with having things look nice!