Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another day, another load of laundry

It is pouring out today.

I am sitting here trying to convince myself that the workers who are drilling away at something under my feet are not going to bring the floor, ME and Abigail down on top of them.  Last week they took out the wall of our garage and rebuilt it about four or five feet over.  I KNOW it was a load bearing wall.  I mean, don't load bearing walls go under load bearing beams?

You can just feel my faith in Napolitanos screaming out from that last paragraph, can't you?

Tobi is outside at his post guarding the guys who I believe are putting in our new garage door.  I guess that is one of the joys of renting.  Presto!  We have a bigger garage and a new door!  We didn't even ask for it.  I know that the 42 year old man-child has something to do with it.  Now if he could just fix our faulty wiring that shuts of half the electricity in the house if I choose to run the washer, dryer and dehumidifier all at once.

Tobi has been ostracized (that means he had to go live at the end of town...literary reference) because I caught him drying his smelly-wet-doggie-self against the quilt on my bed.  He usually settles for rubbing himself at top speed against the stretch of no-longer-white wall in the hallway.  We call it our Tobi racing stripe.  I usually go at it every couple of weeks with a Magic Eraser (it really is magic!)  

Abigail is sitting in her swing next to me fussing.  She is scowling and wants something.  I am not sure what.  Probably to get out of the swing and be held.  I don't really believe her protests though.  When I look at her and smile she smiles back.  I am trying to see if she might be convinced to fall asleep in her swing.  I don't think it is working.

Ok.  Enough blather.  I am going to try to put this tired baby down for a nap.  I believe I spend an average of two hours trying to get her to sleep for every hour that she does sleep.

My dream is to be able to say, "Abigail, it is time for your nap."  and have her fall asleep. Don't scoff.  This is a true story.  My niece does this-- in the middle of New York City no less.  "Addison, get into the stroller it is nap time."  "Ok, Mommy."  Asleep. Granted she is two, but I can have a long term goal (errr-dream), can't I?


She is lucky she is so cute.


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  1. Well...just remember that is after two years of her being dragged everywhere (and her mother schlepping 3 kids and all their stuff like donkey) for her to realize this is as good as it gets:)