Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still Raining

Still pouring.  It is definitely winter here.  Gone are the breezy, sun-shiny 60 degree days we've been having.

That is Jamaica.  Better than a picture of wet, cold Lucrino.  What you can't see is that Jack is holding a pina colada.  It is only 11:00.  Ahhh, welcome to Jamaica, Mon!

My floors are a mess.  I have given up doing any more than a perfunctory pass with my sorry excuse for a vacuum until the rain stops and the muddy-doggie-footprints cease.

Abigail is happy playing on the floor right now.  Every so often she offers up a shout to let Mama know that she is still around.  That shout finished in a big yawn.  The poor kid is SO overtired.  Yesterday I got her down for all of forty minutes.  She didn't get these 'thanks, Four-hours-is-fine-for-me' genes from me.

The forty-two year-old man child is doing something upstairs.  It sounds like he is sawing through metal.  Probably.  Lovely.  First they were pounding and crashing under us, now it is happening over us.

Oh.  Here is how we spent the night of our two year anniversary.

Yes, attempting to get a mirror-like military shine on Jack's boots.  Romantic.

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