Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday's Project

Tree of Love
I got inspired while perusing Etsy.  How many hours can I wander about Esty thinking,  "I can do that." "I can do that."  How many things do I actually do?

So, with Baby Girl in the sling, dodging her pinching, grasping fingers, and only getting a little glue on her head...

I am making a flock of butterflies to fill the huge empty corner in Abigail's nursery.  These Italian ceilings are towering, expanses of white.  Which make them not surprisingly difficult to decorate.  I was thinking of hanging Chinese paper lanterns in the corner...but this is good for now.  I just need to get online and order more paper.  I have NO idea where to find craft supplies here in Italy and the Navy Exchange has only wrapping paper and scissors, but not in the same aisle.

The other crafty thingy I crafted is a garland. It is an Anniversary/Valentine decoration for our entry.  I packed away our winter scene and needed something.  I love it.  It is fitting that it is under the Ketubah.

Productive, I think so.

Today, I just have to figure out how to clean the house for guests, bake challah, shower and make dinner before Shabbat.  Hmmmm.

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