Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bottom Line

Things got ugly last night.  It was 8:30ish and I had been trying to put Abigail to sleep for going on an hour and a half.  Jack decided to try.

I got nasty.

For the last two weeks I have spent every night with a baby in my arms nursing.  I wouldn't call what I am doing sleeping.  I am barely convincing my body that it is getting enough semblance of rest to accomplish its nighttime reparative work.

Needless to say.
I have been a mite snippish. Snappish.

Baby finally went down in her crib!!  No Cry Sleep Solutions was flung across the room.  I conked out and when I woke up barely an hour a baby who REFUSED to be laid down in her crib...Jack was on the couch where he stayed all night.

Yuck. Yucky marital yuckiness.

I had nightmares of a wrinkly, overly-made up flamenco dancer dancing out of rhythm on an about-to-collapse floor.  Weird.

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