Monday, January 30, 2012

Pacifier? Pacify Her.

 When Little Abigail was littler I was nervous about giving her a pacifier.  I guess it was that all natural crunchy, hippiness again.  She took one for a few months. Now she prefers me.  Hmmmm.

A fun (sarcastic) family outing to the dog park today.  Abigail slept the entire time!

We met a really nice couple there who had a little boy.  I was looking forward to possibly making a new friend.  We were chatting while our dogs played.  Then out of nowhere, Tobi went crazy and attacked their little beagle.  OH MY!  Shame.

Granted she snapped at him.  But really.  Fortunately, after being picked up by the scruff of the neck and shaken, yes, SHAKEN, she didn't appear worse for the wear.  Unfortunately, her person is a lawyer, who works with Jack.



What do you do after your dog attacks another dog at the dog park?  
Well, I gave her my phone number and invited her out to lunch with my friends.  

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