Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cloth Diaper Woes or Poor Baby or Rampant Diaper Rash

I thought that cloth diapered babies were never supposed to get diaper rash.

NOT TRUE.  My Baby Bean is fighting a horrible diaper rash-- brought on by what, I can't seem to figure out.  I just know that 'sposies are the only thing that is keeping it under control.

My Diaper Washing System is this:
**this is basically cause I can't figure out how to work my Italian front loading washer**

Full wash cold with Seventh Generation Free and Clear (I know it is a detergent (gasp! build up) but it is the only thing the Commissary carries.)

Full Hot wash with NO SOAP and a little vinegar.
**I am worried that this is acting as a mordant, but I have no other ideas.  I also have very hard water and the vinegar is needed to soften the diapers and stop mineral build up**

I ordered some Bummis' Fleece Liners from Amazon and hope they come soon.

Until then I think that it is 'sposies.

This makes me feel guilty because I am a dedicated Cloth Diaper Mama.  It makes me cringe to think of the landfill waste that I am creating that is never going to go away.  Each time I throw away a disposable diaper I hear a verse from one of my parent's Stoner, Hippie, Folkie friends' songs about garbage run through my head.

AHHHH, make it stop. I do love Mother Earth, I do love Mother Earth, I DO!!!!

Right now, Baby is in the buff sunning her poor tushie.  Mmmm.  Who doesn't like to roll around naked on sheep skin?

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