Saturday, December 10, 2011

Been a While

So, I picked up the iPad today and realized that I haven't posted in a while. I looked at the date. Dec. 1. 'been a while.

Here I am with excuses, reasons a la...don't know. You fill it in.

Truth is, Baby napped in her crib today for the first time since... You guessed it, Dec. 1st.

She has been snuffling And coughing. So have I. So, we have been sleeping in bed for naps. At least I get some naps. She has been nursing for the past week non stop. Seriously. Non stop. I have had these intrusive obsessive worries that they might fall off from all the nursing. They haven't yet.

The other place she has been hanging out is in our Maya Wrap which is a great piece of primitive technology, but then, I am afraid I am going to become crippled. After three hours of shlepping her around I take off the sling and one shoulder is higher than the other.

She is in there now.

I am standing typing on the iPad with it on a shelf of our bookcase.

Fussy fussy baby. Have to go walk....

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